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Mastrave is a free software library written to perform vectorized scientific computing and to be as compatible as possible with both GNU Octave and Matlab computing frameworks, offering general purpose, portable and freely available features for the scientific community. Mastrave is mostly oriented to ease complex modelling tasks such as those typically needed within environmental models, even when involving irregular and heterogeneous data series.
The set of array-based semantic constraints provided by the library implements the standard semantic support for the Semantic Array Programming (SemAP) paradigm [http://mfkp.org/INRMM/tag/semap]. This support is meant to allow concise pieces of array-programming code to be immersed within a semantic network of array-concepts, without renouncing to extremely compact representations. Based on the mathematics of arrays, the semantics of the SemAP constraints is inherently portable. A rich set of semantic constraints is natively implemented in GNU Octave/MATLAB by the Mastrave modelling library and is easily accessed in other programming languages via multi-language array programming bridges (e.g. in Python and GNU R).

For a simplified summary of some core concepts, you may read https://dx.doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.3472661


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Array-based semantics, modularisation and data-transformation modelling


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Example of some simple SemAP array-based constraints