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Global Optimization Toolbox For Maple


Optimization is the science of finding solutions that satisfy complicated constraints and objectives. In engineering, constraints may arise from technical issues. In business, constraints are related to many factors, including cost, time, and staff.

The objective of global optimization is to find [numerically] the absolute best solution of highly nonlinear optimization models that may have a number of locally optimal solutions.

Global optimization problems can be extremely difficult. Frequently engineers and researchers are forced to settle for solutions that are “good enough” at the expense of extra time, money, and resources, because the best solution has not been found.

Using the Global Optimization Toolbox, you can formulate your optimization model easily inside the powerful Maple numeric and symbolic system, and then use world-class Maple numeric solvers to return the best answer, fast!

Illustrative references:
1. Pintér, J. D. Global Optimization in Action. Springer Science, 1996, 512 p., ISBN: 978–0-7923–3757-7
Winner of the 2000 INFORMS Computing Society Prize.
2. Pintér, J. D., Linder, D. and Chin, P. Global Optimization Toolbox for Maple: An introduction with illustrative applications.
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The core of this package is the LGO (Lipschitz Global Optimizer) software developed by Janos Pinter. In a joint development project with Maplesoft, LGO has been seamlessly linked to Maple.


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Global Optimization Toolbox For Maple is a package for Maple.

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