Oberwolfach References on Mathematical Software

Required information about your project

  1. A short abstract on your system (about 10 lines, plain text format).
  2. A description of your system (up to 5 pages, a PDF AND a HTML format version).
    The main purpose of this text is to describe in a clear and readable manner the
    • mathematical functionality of the system

    as complete as possible. Besides that, the text should contain information on

    • aims and scope of the system,
    • program kernel and software interfaces,
    • available help systems and documentation.

    This description is not only for presentation purposes
    but it will also serve as the main source for the search engine of the ORMS.

  3. A list of keywords associated to the mathematical functionality of your system
    (they may be taken from a list provided by the ORMS, but, of course, you may add further keywords).
  4. A mathematical classification according to the ORMS classification scheme.
  5. Technical information, e.g. hard and software requirements, etc..
  6. Links to the homepage, manual and programming examples of the system.