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HiFlow³ is a multi-purpose finite element software providing powerful tools for efficient and accurate solution of a wide range of problems modeled by partial differential equations. Based on object-oriented concepts and the full capabilities of C++ the HiFlow³ project follows a modular and generic approach for building efficient parallel numerical solvers. It provides highly capable modules dealing with the mesh setup, finite element spaces, degrees of freedom, linear algebra routines, numerical solvers, and output data for visualization. Parallelism – as the basis for high performance simulations on modern computing systems – is introduced on two levels: coarse-grained parallelism by means of distributed grids and distributed data structures, and fine-grained parallelism by means of platform-optimized linear algebra back-ends.

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Nauty is a program for computing automorphism groups of graphs and digraphs. It can also produce a canonical labelling.

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Steenrod is a Maple package for doing computations in the mod 2 Steenrod algebra. It computes the product and coproduct of elements, converts between various bases, computes the action of the elements on polynomials, and does several other specialized calculations related to the mod 2 Steenrod algebra.

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