Oberwolfach References on Mathematical Software

Required information about your project

  1. A short abstract on your system (about 10 lines, plain text format).
  2. A description of your system (up to 5 pages, a PDF AND a HTML format version).
    The main purpose of this text is to describe in a clear and readable manner the
    • mathematical functionality of the system

    as complete as possible. Besides that, the text should contain information on

    • aims and scope of the system,
    • program kernel and software interfaces,
    • available help systems and documentation.

    This description is not only for presentation purposes
    but it will also serve as the main source for the search engine of the ORMS.

  3. A list of keywords associated to the mathematical functionality of your system
    (they may be taken from a list provided by the ORMS, but, of course, you may add further keywords).
  4. A mathematical classification according to the ORMS classification scheme.
  5. Technical information, e.g. hard and software requirements, etc..
  6. Links to the homepage, manual and programming examples of the system.


Contact and Support: it@mfo.de, Imprint/Impressum


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